The ten-week divorce support class leads members from denial to freedom around divorce and the ending of a love relationship.  The course is based the principles of the noted work Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends.  The first five weeks emphasize healing and recovery from relationship loss.  The second half of the course helps members uncover the self-worth necessary for healthier future relationships.  
You will share this journey with others who are in the same situation as you.  Each night will include small-group discussions, a presentation by the facilitator, and an opportunity to connect and share with other class participants.  Once we start, the class membership is closed, and you will find yourself in a safe and nurturing environment to share, heal, and grow with your fellow Rebuilders. 



How large is the class?  The maximum size is 15 participants.  That does not include the facilitator or the class volunteer(s).
What is the average age of the participants?  There is normally a couple of people in their 30's and 70's and the rest are in-between.  
Will I be the only one who initiated their divorce?  No, normally there is a pretty even spilt between those who initiated their divorce and those who did not.  
Are there both men and women in the class?  Reliability there both sexes in every class. You can expect there to be a 1:3 ratio of men to women.
What if I need to miss a class or two?  Missing up to two classes is fine, but more than that can have a negative impact on how much you will get out of the class.  If you know you will be missing more than 2 - consider doing it another time.
Can I call into a class I know I will miss?  Yes, its not ideal, but it can be done and it's better than not attending at all.
Can I take the class if I have to miss the first one?  Yes, the first night is an overview of the class and is not necessary to attend.  
How much homework should I expect per week?  That is up to you ultimately, but ideally you spend an hour or two reading the book, 30 minutes on homework, 60 minutes connecting with other class participants on the phone and maybe two hours at a social event.  It's a commitment in yourself, but it takes time and energy.  
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