Week One – Introduction

We listen to past Rebuilder participants share their journeys, learn what to expect in the next 10 weeks, and get to know fellow classmates.


Week Two – Adaptive Behaviors

We discuss relationship role models and how our childhood experiences influence who we are now.


Week Three – Grief

We dive deep into grief: what it looks like, how it feels, how to manage it, and ways to discuss it with others.


Week Four – Anger

We examine the purpose of anger: why it’s normal and tools to start letting it go.


Week Five – Transition

We explore recurrent themes in our lives that we want to change, identify hopes for the future, and uncover relationships patterns.


Week Six – Masks

We explore how wearing ‘masks ‘make us feel safer, but how they isolate us from our loved ones.


Week Seven – Self-Worth

We consider the importance of self-worth: why it’s significant and how to cultivate it.


Week Eight – Love

We learn about attachment styles and ‘love languages’ and how they influence how we would like to receive and express love.


Week Nine – Intimacy

We explore current research and the neuroscience of satisfying platonic and romantic relationship.


Week Ten – Sex & Graduation 

We ask and answer questions about sex and dating while celebrating our collective journey towards healing.



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