What To Expect:




  • Support from current and past Rebuilders  

  • A safe place to be heard and encouraged

  • An opportunity to learn and grow

  • A gentle approach to powerful information

  • Self-reflection and class interaction

  • Weekly presentations, small group discussion, and class socialization

  • Social outings with classmates hosted by former class participants

  • Small class sizes with skilled facilitators and experts

  • A personal transformation

By the end of the 10-week Rebuilders class, participants report feeling vastly better than when they began. This change has been consistently demonstrated through a significant improvement in each participant’s Fisher Divorce Adjustment Self-Test score. This data is tracked during the first and last classes showing an overall average of 32% increase per class.  


In addition, participants report an increased sense of hope, self-esteem, purpose, and connectedness. 

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